Still a little infinity.

Ree. Nineteen. Guam.
I love books. Coincidentally, I love to read.
I also love math, music, and fangirling over
television, films, and the actors within each.
You might see some Harry Potter here and
there because I might be a Potterhead.
Every show I watch is above my face. DFTBA Read the Printed Word!

My right point finger gets ridiculously warm! I think that’s always happened but I’ve either always ignored it or didn’t notice because whenever I ate shrimp I’d be at a fiesta and had a cold drink in my hand.

I currently have two big ass, burning bumps on my bottom lip because I’m dumb and always lick my lips posterior to consuming shrimp AND A WARM RIGHT POINTER FINGER. And it’s only the top part euuuugh it feels weird!

  1. caffeine-andnicotine said: posterior…? usually refers to body position. i.e. behind, back…:)
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