Still a little infinity.

Ree. Nineteen. Guam.
I love books. Coincidentally, I love to read.
I also love math, music, and fangirling over
television, films, and the actors within each.
You might see some Harry Potter here and
there because I might be a Potterhead.
Every show I watch is above my face. DFTBA Read the Printed Word!
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Time flies when I get into my book zone. Found some really great sounding books, though! And they’re aesthetically stunning, too. So happy :)

FACK, cannot wait to see how they translated the story from page to screen! :D


should I watch Star Wars in chronological order or in numerical order?
I’m finally going to watch it; my friend and her brother have been getting on my ass about this, so I shall appease them :}

Soooo yeah, help mee please?

Eep, thanks!!!!! You guys are awesome :D Downloading episode 4 right now and it’s three gigs but that’s otay :}

And yeah, I was thinking the tattoo is higher up on my priority list than a phone. Next one’s going to be super special. Thanks Jase!

The worlds foremost authority on style-Miss Emma Watson! -Logan Lerman


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